Welcome to the Iida Kimono Institute! We are dedicated to bringing out the individual in each student as they learn to enjoy the foundations that line the techniques of Japanese-style clothing. Established in 1968, the Institute has been teaching the culture and etiquette of the kimono in Zushi, Kanagawa for over 40 years.

The Japanese kimono, having evolved over a long history and steeped in tradition, is an integral part of Japanese culture even today. Even young Japanese women today who may not yet have had a chance to wear a kimono is able to find a kimono that will fit her perfectly. The profound strength of the kimono culture is where this unique Japanese sense is born.

We believe that the kimono, with its colors and patterns matching the changing of the seasons and blending in with the landscape of Japan, stands among the world’s most beautiful clothing. The intricate kimono designs dyed and woven into the kimono allow it to change its wearer from a quiet beauty to and active beauty. This profound ability to change what is beautiful allows us to find calm and richness in the complex lives we lead today.

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